Death By Email

I’ve decided my job description is ‘check email’. That’s it. For everything. Kids, house, family stuff, travel, activities, friend meet ups, dog, paid work, unpaid work, volunteer work…check email. I’m going nuts [from email]! Alright, admit it. For those of us gen Xers, Yers, millennials, or even the unique subset of geriatric millennials, admit it.Continue reading “Death By Email”

Lake Michigan Rocks

Double meaning- there’s tons of rocks and it’s gorgeous and cool. Did it again. It looks cool and the water is cold. I will stop now! Why does it take a pandemic or disaster to realize the beauty around you? Do you think it’s common to need to travel far away to escape or thatContinue reading “Lake Michigan Rocks”

Thank You Winter

You saved me. Thank you.  Flipping my life upside down to respond to the demands of a pandemic has not been easy. Its taken courage and tenacity. There have been good days followed by lots of bad days. But I’m grateful, I really am. I have what I need, but somehow it is still aContinue reading “Thank You Winter”

From The Heart

How often do you feel alive? Wind in your hair, sunshine on your face, a win at work or in a game, a compliment, a hug, a delicious meal, or love radiating back at you from your favorite people? It’s probably something you prefer to experience daily. How do we feel these things while notContinue reading “From The Heart”

2020 Vocabulary

What a year! Maybe it’s cliche to say that but it’s true in this case. The number of strange events and discoveries in rapid succession has really stunned most people. In case the year has felt like a blur and you’re dying to relive the weirdness for a laugh (or cry), here’s a short listContinue reading “2020 Vocabulary”

The Storm

On August 29, 2005, the worst of Hurricane Katrina had passed as we watched the news in anticipation if everything would stay that way. My dad was optimistic as most hurricanes just waved hello and left. No other hurricane during the 33 years that my parents lived in New Orleans had really taken up theContinue reading “The Storm”

What’s That Smell?

Endless days in pajamas. Replaying board games that previously collected dust. Predominantly only speaking to family in your home. Who wouldn’t expect loneliness, boredom, anxiety, depression, and anger? At least that’s what the American Psychological Association states are potential outcomes without our typical access to fulfilling activities, socialization, and a normal volume of sensory stimuli.Continue reading “What’s That Smell?”

Where’s My Slipper?

No, this isn’t about Cinderella, despite my 4 year old suggesting it. In a house with 5 people, 3 of which are children, the frequency of lost or rather misplaced items is a constant. Where’s my backpack? Where are my snow pants? Where are my goggles? Despite the size of the item, the question isContinue reading “Where’s My Slipper?”

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