Why So Many?

Seriously, why are there so many? Do you feel the same way?

Years ago when we cut our cable cord and moved to streaming, there weren’t that many app choices to view local channels or a bevy of movies and shows to choose from. The magnitude of options are now immense and often feel overwhelming or confusing. 

Why did each network have to create their own streaming service and then only release their shows or movies to it? Also, why are some shows or movies free within the app whereas others are not?

If you like variability in your TV options, the end user often has way too many streaming apps or services to even be able to digest the choices which results in silent credit card charges that are ignored until one day when they’re not. Insert eye roll when you realize you’ve been charged for months for something you don’t use because life has taken over and it’s hard to stalk $5-15 recurring monthly charges. But…they add up!

Do we need boutique TV? Is this the only way to prevent a monopoly and exorbitant TV charges? Is it possible for companies to consolidate and negotiate fewer streaming services for ease of use to the end user? 

Something similar is happening in the European Union to call for universal phone chargers. I love this idea and wonder if something similar could happen with streaming apps? Pair down the extras for the one show of interest and allow it to be viewed through other apps without an additional recurring charge to the customer and maybe just a one time fee? It then pays the project instead of the company!

But, if you limit the ability of a company to financially thrive in their business model you might end up creating more of a TV mess. But, shouldn’t you still demand creativity over price gouging even in a state of exponential inflation? 

Personally, it feels a company should be valued on its uniqueness, service, and message. Can’t we hold them more accountable? Improve the functionality or search, offer a new product within the app, or integrate with other companies, just to name a few ideas for improvement that demonstrate the ability to provide a system that reduces customer headaches. 

It’s too vast and too numerous to have 15 streaming apps and simultaneously digest the content despite having something of interest on each app and hence why it’s on the tab for recurring monthly charges. I’m guessing most of you have fallen victim to searching but never choosing something to watch? Maybe an activity or aspect of life takes over and pulls you away from the abyss of streaming apps? 

My guess is there will only be more and more and more options, which might just help me get outside and enjoy nature’s show instead of playing the game, “what should we watch?” It parallels a pizza order for more than 3 people. But whatever you end up choosing to watch or pay for, enjoy the show!

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