From The Heart

How often do you feel alive? Wind in your hair, sunshine on your face, a win at work or in a game, a compliment, a hug, a delicious meal, or love radiating back at you from your favorite people? It’s probably something you prefer to experience daily. How do we feel these things while not living in our normal way? 

Have you sought other ways to feel alive? To risk sounding cliche, what fills your bucket?

Reading and meditation are an easy way to escape and feel refreshed. TV can accomplish this too depending on how interested you are. Does it make you cry? Make you angry? Make you scared? Go get those emotions moving. You’ll feel alive. 

Nature! Get out there. Even if it’s cold or hot. It’s been proven. An average of 120 minutes per week in short or long increments in a greenspace directly correlates to improved psychological and physiological well-being. So, what do you like or have access to? Hiking trails? Beach? Ski hills? Whatever revs you up, put on the right clothes and go do it. You’ll feel alive.

Exercise- get the gear. It’s so worth it. Hamster wheel indoor equipment- peloton, elliptical, treadmill? Outdoor gear- bike, fancy running shoes, rollerblades, longboard? Movement is necessary and we so easily push it aside. Why do we do that? Fight the urge and get out there so you feel alive. 

Dig in and find a new hobby. Ultra marathons? Ice fishing? Painting? An instrument? New language? Engage that creative brain. It’ll thank you. You’ll feel alive. 

Giving back and expressing yourself. Feel passionate about a movement or topic? There’s a lot brewing out there. It might be overwhelming to pick one thing but listen for it. Feel it. What speaks to you? Moves you? What comes from the heart?  It’s easy to get rowdy all the while being safe and productive in expressing your opinion and giving back to your community and beyond. Why not try it out? You’ll feel alive. 

Along the way, you might even meet new people or reconnect with your old people. Those new or reformed bonds will make you feel alive. 

So, what moves you? What comes from your heart and makes you feel alive?

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