Thank You Winter

You saved me. Thank you. 

Flipping my life upside down to respond to the demands of a pandemic has not been easy. Its taken courage and tenacity. There have been good days followed by lots of bad days. But I’m grateful, I really am. I have what I need, but somehow it is still a challenge to manage it all- mom/pseudo-psychologist/cheerleader/teacher/chef/baker/planner/artist/crafter/organizer/cleaner/dog-fish-frog-mom/chauffeur/writer/nurse practitioner/shopper/designer/wife and on and on. 

Time for self care with 3 in tow 24/7 for more than 365 days is laughable. You attempt to steal your moments but they’re taken away from you by questions and demands and schedules. 

But somehow, winter saved me. A time when most people hunker down and limit outdoor activities because of the bitter cold, we somehow ramped up our time outside outfitted in all the gear doing all the things- skiing, skating, sledding, snowshoeing, and playing in it.  And it saved me. It hid me from the harsh reality of virtual school, household mood swings, limited sunlight, and isolation from friends and family. 

The swish of the snow as skis carved a path, the crunch of the snow as sleds made their way, the punch of the snow as snowshoes led you to a cozy nook among the pines, and the smash of a snowball hitting your coat. It all saved me. Pine trees weighted down by snow, the howl of the wind cracking branches, the warmth by an outdoor fire, and the sun or moon illuminating the snow glitter. 

I lived in a snow globe this winter and it saved me. Maybe try it out next season? I highly recommend it. 

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