2020 Vocabulary

What a year! Maybe it’s cliche to say that but it’s true in this case. The number of strange events and discoveries in rapid succession has really stunned most people. In case the year has felt like a blur and you’re dying to relive the weirdness for a laugh (or cry), here’s a short list of my favorite words and phrases. Enjoy!

Asynchronous learning– independent virtual learning assignments from your teacher. Also known as screaming and crying events for both the learner and parent or caregiver.

Black Lives Matter– Say it louder for those in the back…racism is bad. Be proactive and not just a passive bystander.

Bubble– Precovid: a floating soapy sphere that children love to play with. Postcovid: Imaginary boundaries predetermined by individual families for physical distancing within social groups. It’s a bubble so it can get slippery for some and be much larger than you think it is. 

Coronavirus/ COVID-19/ SARS-CoV-2/’rona/’vid– What is the difference? It all stinks and needs to be squashed.

Coronacation– A never ending vacation in your home. Also known as lockdown.

Curbie– Pick up of essential and non-essential items via your car. The word sounds more fun than it is.

Derecho– Let’s call it what it is- a land hurricane.

Double Hurricanes aka Covicanes or Fujiwhara Effect– Two, apparently lustful hurricanes that have to be close. Who doesn’t want two of everything?

Emotional support animals– Yay! Everyone qualifies this year for mental health support from pets. Who’s adopted a pet? 

Flatten the curve– Decrease the number of infections. Also known by public health as wear a mask correctly, stay at least 6 feet apart, and wash your hands for 20 seconds or more, ahhm…with soap.

Fire tornado = fire + rising wind + terror. Imagine a flame thrower shot up into the air with swirling, fast winds.

Grave– “Give yourself some grace.” Hahaha!

Karen– Entitled, middle-aged, middle-class woman always looking to speak with the manager. I feel terrible for everyone named Karen because they might not deserve this. Could we revert back to saying “obnoxious person”?

Long-hauler– The unfortunate portion of covid survivors that continue to experience symptoms. The last statistic included a list of over 78 possible lingering symptoms. 

Murder hornet– The world’s largest hornet that decapitates entire hives of honeybees. It’s obtained supervillain status for bees and causes an extremely painful sting to humans. There are a few crazies out there who’ve purposely been stung. Youtube will help you find these people. 

Quarancleaning– Organizing, cleaning, remodeling or redesigning your home or living space. Who’s guilty of this? Come on, admit it. 

Self care– Creating time for physical, mental, and emotional health. It’s an uphill battle and laughable challenge most days right now.

Superspreader event– Crowds of people + poor ventilation + optional masks = exponential spread of covid and any other friendly (note sarcasm) viruses out there. 

Virtual learning– Attempting to recreate a happy classroom in your home with unhappy children.

Zoom– Video conferencing app. Can be used as a noun or verb, e.g. zooming.

We’ve all expanded our vocabulary this year. What’s your new favorite?

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