Dig Deeper

Was I oblivious as a child or just free of the world’s minute to minute madness without the internet or social media? I’d like to think it’s the latter and hope that it’s not because it’s worse.

Sure, a freak storm here and there, disease outbreaks that felt very distant, or local concerns about subsiding sidewalks and enlarging potholes that were worthy of no more than a repair or eye roll. I liked the news about the guy who caught the 700lb alligator terrorizing his farm or the battle of which bakery makes the best king cake. Now the news is scary and I find myself selectively choosing what I want to read, which is not the most unbiased way to absorb the world’s latest and greatest wins or losses. 

Is the barrage of info too much? Are humans incapable of absorbing it at breakneck speed just as they cannot comprehend the vastness of the universe? New variants, exponentially increasing cases, hospitals at max capacity, insurrection investigations, intense and uncharacteristic storms everywhere, the threat of virtual school, and personal choices of what to do or what not to do…that’s all just this morning. It’s hard to accept. 

Do you like your news served up with satire, honesty, or a little twist that tips towards your political views? I’m all for freedom of thought, but unless you’re off the grid in the rural mountains of Wyoming with a closed, sustainable system, you are most likely being affected by one of the lovely morning news topics listed above.

How do you cope? Movement– run, walk, swim, dance, or jump up and down and yell? Food– only cook the healthy stuff or eat the bad, comfort foods? Read– review only the happy stories about puppies and new inventions on microplastic clean ups or take on all the problems of the world via your favorite news source? Friends/family– distract yourself with board games on repeat or have a screaming/drinking contest?

After an emotional week of accepting the latest and greatest the world is dishing up, I’ve finally come to the conclusion to dig deeper but will use an excavator this time instead of a shovel. Somehow I’ve processed it and will accept the bumps, twists, turns, and unexpected side swipes as best I can. I’m hoping this digging deeper plan doesn’t equate to the deepest hole on earth. If you’re wondering and I know you are now, it’s the Kola Well near Murmansk, Russia and it rings in at 40,230ft and 365℉. Don’t worry, scientists found water down there in case you get thirsty.

One thought on “Dig Deeper

  1. I hear this BIG TIME! As Prince once said; I don’t think we are meant to hear all of the bad news in the world… There’s a fine line between being informed and too much information! I’ll dig deeper right along with you.

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