I’m a writer in Wisconsin who focuses on health, science, comedy, parenting, outdoors, food, and travel- especially with kids. For more than a decade, I worked as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in academic institutions caring for patients and developing and implementing quality improvement, patient education materials, web content/design/video production, and contributed to marketing. I now write for varying outlets from medical databases to social media for businesses. My expertise lies in decoding medical, scientific, or complex information into an easy to read format. I am driven, timely, and committed to quality.

Want to read more about my journey?

I grew up in New Orleans which instilled a deep passion for architecture, history, the outdoors, and FOOD. Oh the food. Words have been invented to describe the food. I attended a humanities based primary and secondary school where creativity was woven into every aspect of learning and became an out of the box, big picture type of person because of it. 

The many visits to see family and attend summer camp in Wisconsin led me to fall in love. It became my second home. Lake country is magical and all seasons are extreme if you like to play outside. We have a lot of gear.

I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through writing and took numerous literature courses in undergrad at UW-Madison with praise from many professors, but my interest in science led me to earn a Masters Degree in Medical Microbiology and Immunology prior to transitioning to healthcare. Healthcare is rewarding- plain and simple. A 2 year old who draws you a picture and says thank you for helping them heal can keep you going for days. I was able to take complex concepts and teach patients and families about treatments and health promotion. I equated the teaching moments to writing and found myself often daydreaming during downtime about what a writing career could look like. 

I am a mother to 3 rambunctious children who equally share my passion for being outside and exploring. I am grateful to have met my husband when we were 18. We’ve grown up together and equally share a love of food, outdoors, laughing as much as is humanly possible, and showing our kids, quite frankly, how cool life can be. There’s so much to investigate. 

A professor once called me a lifelong learner, my greatest strength. This theme continues as I expand my writing career. I’m lucky to combine my expertise in research, health, science, creativity, and joie de vivre in writing. 

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