Death By Email

I’ve decided my job description is ‘check email’. That’s it. For everything. Kids, house, family stuff, travel, activities, friend meet ups, dog, paid work, unpaid work, volunteer work…check email. I’m going nuts [from email]! Alright, admit it. For those of us gen Xers, Yers, millennials, or even the unique subset of geriatric millennials, admit it.Continue reading “Death By Email”

Is Anyone Else Worried?

Nope- this isn’t about a covid resurgence.  I’m worried about our planet. Having been up close and personal in late elementary and early middle school earth science over the last year, I’m recognizing things again that hadn’t been in the forefront of my mind. Recycling. There was a huge push to begin recycling in theContinue reading “Is Anyone Else Worried?”

Will It End When Her Hair Grows Back?

I’m guessing a few of you have asked the rhetorical question, when will it end? It being the pandemic.  When will we feel safe to remove the mask? When will we not panic when someone coughs or sneezes? When can we go inside loved ones homes? When can we loudly sing at a concert withContinue reading “Will It End When Her Hair Grows Back?”

The Abyss- COVID-19 and Space

I’m sure you’ve read numerous articles on the year recap or have at least tried your hardest to avoid them. I can see why reliving the memories isn’t needed. The calendar says it’s a new year, but the fresh start is lacking. The freedom is lacking. We’re all still stuck on this messy planet andContinue reading “The Abyss- COVID-19 and Space”

What’s That Smell?

Endless days in pajamas. Replaying board games that previously collected dust. Predominantly only speaking to family in your home. Who wouldn’t expect loneliness, boredom, anxiety, depression, and anger? At least that’s what the American Psychological Association states are potential outcomes without our typical access to fulfilling activities, socialization, and a normal volume of sensory stimuli.Continue reading “What’s That Smell?”